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10HVA-20HVA Series

Precision High Voltage Amplifier

The 10HVA-20HVA Series of DC-to-DC high-voltage power supplies operates a precision filter/divider & linear HV switch to produce a High-Voltage Amplifier (HVA). These modules provide a high-resolution, high-voltage DC to full scale waveform capability greater than 500 Hz output. 10/15/20kV HVA modules are optimized for bias applications while providing excellent line regulation, load regulation, dynamic response, and stability. The HVA Series can both source and sink current operating linearly through 0V with low ripple and noise over the entire output range!

Typical applications for this series include the following:

Drivers for electrohydrodynamics, electrostatic chuck, Pockel’s cells, laser & electro-optic modulation, electrophoresis.

Amplifiers for ion beam and electron beam devices such as mass spectrometry, and electron microscopes as well as electrostatic deflection/focusing, flocking, coating, electrospinning, precipitation and electrocoalescence.

Model-Specific Downloads

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  • Bipolar models available at 0 to 10kV, 15kV, 20kV
  • Unipolar models available at 0 to 15kV & 20kV
  • Operates in DC, reversible, and amplifier modes
  • Fast slew rate (40V/μs) and high bandwidth at an excellent value
  • Can both source and sink current
  • PPM level line & load regulation
  • 25ppm temperature coefficient
      (15ppm optional)
  • Reduced ripple option available
  • Differential precision 0 to 10VDC control input
  • Precision voltage and current monitors

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