ASM In systems in which several power controllers of the same type operate in full wave switch mode (TAKT), the ASM process maybe used for dynamic and automatic mains load optimization. This patented procedure minimizes mains load peaks independently, and therefore also mains reaction shares during the ongoing process.

Support of types: All Thyro-P devices.

In systems, in which several equal power controllers operate in full wave switch mode (TAKT), the ASM process may be sensibly used for dynamic and automatic mains load optimization in multiple power controller applications. This patented procedure independently minimizes mains load peaks and therefore mains reaction shares during the current process. Advanced Energy very early concerned with synchronization procedures which offers to the user significant advantages for the handling of high energy quantities. The procedure of ASM (Automatic Synchronization for Multiple Power Controller Applications) is a patented development of Advanced Energy.

Mains load optimization technically means:
  • reduction of the periodic mains peak demand
  • reduction of system perturbation
  • reduced installation size (transformer, mains supply, cable installation etc.)
Mains load optimization economically means:
  • reduced operating costs
  • reduced investment costs

Operating Mode
ASM is a dynamic procedure that means it is able to react to any change in load and set point. The mains load optimization is a superimposed procedure to the operation mode which controls the turn on time in the operating mode TAKT to achieve a reduction of the periodic switch peaks.

Apart from that all power controllers in ASM procedure behave equal as power controllers in the operating mode TAKT, i.e. control-algorithm, limit, etc. are still working.

Within the schematic diagram given below there are 7 single power controllers in operating mode TAKT with different turn-on times Ton, as well as different load values.

The power controllers are not synchronized thus the total load arise out of the lower part of the diagrams. The diagrams only are a demonstration of the coherences and without any respect to the worst- case.

In case of the ASM procedure (Automated Synchronization of Multiple Controller Applications), changes in set point and load (for instance due to temperature- dependent load) are included in mains load optimization online.

Especially when using heating elements with a large aging effect, which during new operation have high current amplitudes with short startup time, lower investment cost may be achieved.

To use the ASM procedure:
  • Groups of Thyro-P 1P (or Thyro-P 2P) must be connected to the same mains supply
  • All power controllers are equipped with ASM control-module
  • ASM connection (ASM-Input and Output 2 on each power controller)
  • Operating mode is TAKT
  • Two or more power controllers are in use
  • Thyro-Tool Family exists for the parameterization of the power controller