Apex® RF Power-Delivery Systems

The Apex platform delivers superb performance in plasma-based thin film processes for semiconductor, flat panel display, or data storage manufacturing.
The versatile Apex® family of RF generators and power-delivery systems utilizes sophisticated RF-conversion technology to offer enhanced product and process reliability, in a modular design suitable for chamber mounting. The Apex platform delivers superb performance in plasma-based, thin-film processes for semiconductor, flat panel display, or data storage manufacturing.

Benefits Features
  • Higher power density 
  • Improved process flexibility 
  • Increased yield 
  • Lower CoO 
  • Simplified process tool integration 
  • Flexible communications 
  • Streamlined design 
  • On-board chamber mount, on-tool frame mount, rack mount, and shoebox options 
  • Wideband control loops and optional, high repetition-rate pulsing 
  • Industry-leading arc management
  • Regulatory compliant