Ascent® AMS DC Power Supplies—30, 40, and 60 kW

Photo of Ascent(R) AMS DC power supply
Industry-leading arc management—stable power delivery through extreme arc conditions, for highly repeatable films

As manufacturing techniques advance, new materials and cathode designs pose greater challenges to process stability and film repeatability. Ascent® AMS power supplies deliver stable, repeatable power, regardless of process material or cathode design.

Please also see Ascent DMS Advanced Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Accessories.
Benefits Features
  • High film quality and throughput
  • Reduced film, substrate, and equipment damage
  • Stable throughput and power delivery under extreme arcing conditions
  • Easy integration and control
  • Arc Management System™ (AMS) technology—customer pre-sets for metal and ceramic targets
  • Set Point Compensation™ technology
  • Arc Sync® technology—master/slave up to 12 units
  • Ethernet, EtherCAT®, DeviceNet®, Profibus, RS-232/485, and analog communications
  • Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software, remote control panel, and passive-display front panel interfaces
  • RoHS, CE, NRTL, SEMI S2, and SEMI F47 compliance