Digital Mains Load Optimization

For users of Thyro-A and Thyro-AX, Advanced Energy offers a high performance mains load optimization solution with digital and dynamic working mains load optimization dASM (Digital Automatic Synchronization for Multiple Power Controller Applications). By transmitting and processing network load data digitally, dASM technology can offer the maximum processing speed possible, quickly achieving an optimized network load. At the same time, it provides outstanding precision and simple and safe handling.

Key Features
  • Easy installation and commissioning of dASM bus module
  • Mains load optimization in groups of up to 8 Thyro-A or Thyro-AX units (in any desired order)
  • Very short response time for setpoint and load changes
  • Power monitoring at load level
  • Plug & Play: Easy wiring, parameter-setting and commissioning
  • Retrofittable to existing systems by simply replacing the bus module (available for PROFIBUS DPV1)


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