A leader in DC power products for 36 years, AE has serviced thousands of customers worldwide to profitably enable complex processes through: 

Mainly used with physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes—both complex metallic sputtering and in combination with a reactive gas to form thin-film dielectric layers—AE’s DC power products have been used in varied manufacturing markets, including: 
  • Semiconductor (copper, aluminum, tantalum, titanium, and newer exotic materials) 
  • Flat panel display (thin-film transistor, color filter, organic LEDs) 
  • Data storage (optical storage, magnetic storage, and combinations of magneto-optical storage) 
  • Solar photovoltaic cell (transparent conductive oxides and Si deposition) 
  • Architectural glass 
  • Advanced product applications (thin films for optics, tool coating, plastics, etc.)