DC Pulsing Product Suite

Photo of DC Pulsing Product Suite Extend Process Innovation with a Comprehensive Suite of Plasma-Control Power Products—From the Global Leader in Pulsed Power Technology

For decades, AE has led the industry in pulsing technology for arc prevention, superior film quality, and high throughput. Today, our suite of pulsing products represents the most highly developed technology available, offering a comprehensive range of capabilities that unlocks new process options and extends innovation.

Benefits Features
  • High film quality and throughput
  • Reduced film, substrate, and equipment damage
  • Stable throughput and power delivery under extreme arcing conditions
  • Easy integration and control
  • Most advanced DC pulsing technology available
  • Extremely low arc rate 
  • Higher power operation 
  • Robust, reliable performance 
  • Arc Management System™ (AMS) technology—customer
    pre-sets for metal and ceramic targets
  • Set point compensation™ technology—stable throughput