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Precision SEM E-Beam

The high stability and reliability of EG353 high voltage power supplies elevate the performance and quality of your entire system. This series meets the demanding requirements of SEM (scanning electron microscope) applications, including inspection, material and biological sciences, and forensics. Based on proven design techniques and power-conversion technologies, EG353 power supplies deliver a dependable performance that helps maximize image quality and repeatability.

Model-Specific Downloads

  • Low ripple (< 1.6 ppm, accelerator) and high stability (< 10 ppm, accelerator)
  • Small-volume or 19" rack-mounted versions
  • -35 kV accelerator, 200 μA, 50 mV ripple
  • +10 kV extractor, 400 μA, 20 mV ripple (floating)
  • -1 kV suppressor, 100 μA, 30 mV ripple (floating)
  • 5 V at 3 A current-controlled low-ripple (LF < 1 mA, peak to peak) heater (floating)
  • Optional grounded outputs using expansion interface
  • Full digital control and monitoring (fiber-isolated RS-232)
  • RoHS compliant to EU eirective 2011/65/EU
  • CE marked for EU LV directive 2006/95/EC
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