How do I determine whether straight DC or pulsed-DC power is the better fit for my process? Visit our FAQ page for details.

Flat Panel Display Advanced Energy power and control technologies are used to produce extremely thin-film materials in flat panel display technologies. In particular, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technologies require our precise, flexible power systems to manufacture flat panel displays.

Technologies that offer benefits to FPD manufacturing include:

Technology Benefits
Arc management Reduces substrate damage (pinholes)
Improves yield
Allows higher power levels for increased throughput
Match network technology Improves power-delivery accuracy and efficiency, for better film quality and yield
Precise power delivery Improves yield
Precise subsystem control and monitoring functions Eases process manipulation and innovation
Enhances process productivity and yield
Increases uptime
Pulsed DC Improves film quality and yield
Reduces material cost

AE has a wide selection of high-performing products that have been developed over 36 years in the industry. Please contact us at FPDapplications@aei.com to find out how the technologies listed above can benefit your specific process.