Litmas® RPS for Foreline PFC Abatement

The Litmas® RPS system is a foreline abatement solution that reduces the global warming footprint in semiconductor processing. This high-performance, linear-inductive plasma source fully integrates a 2 MHz power supply and matching circuitry. It accommodates wide impedance operating ranges in CVD, etch, and ash applications.
Benefits Features
  • Effective abatement of environmentally-harmful PFC gases, with high destruction efficiency
  • Reduced overall abatement costs
  • Minimal foreline pressure effects
  • Maximum power efficiency and process flexibility
  • Consistent performance and reliability in a broad range of chemistries 
  • Seamless integration, with no process impact
  • Linear inductive plasma source and advanced power-delivery system
  • Compact, integrated design
  • Low water and power consumption (no fuel required)
  • High-conductance, fluorine-resistant, cylindrical ceramic chamber
  • Zero sub-fab footprint