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Regardless of discipline, application, or instrument architecture, precision high voltage is required to successfully convert molecular mass to a gas-ion state. In this webinar we will review the critical role high voltage plays in all phases of mass spectrometry - from acceleration, separation, and detection to measurement and analysis!

What is high voltage (HV)?
  • Where is high voltage used?
Glossary of HV power quality terms, including:
  • What are the key performance parameters of HV power quality
  • What are performance parameters of Mass Spec HV power quality?
  • Top suggestions to designers to improve performance.
Other topics including:
  • Key specifications in high voltage that translate to higher performance, higher accuracy, and higher resolution
  • The importance of high voltage power supply integration to Mass Spec system elements
  • How tool architectures can be optimized with the right high voltage power supplies and amplifiers
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