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HV Rack Configurable Series
Photo of Auxilliary series Supply

High Voltage Rack Mount Power System

The HV Rack configurable power system is a fully featured, configurable chassis, enabling end users to select and to specify the UltraVolt high-voltage power supply (HVPS) operating in each channel from our catalog of more than 600 models. This combination provides accurate control and measurement of high the voltage power supply and HV system performance.

For instructions on how to operate the HV Rack Configurable Series power system, download the HV Rack Configurable instruction manual. You can also download the manual for the USB Interface Option. You can also review the HV Rack Configurable standard, remote-control-interface connections
  • 1 to 4 configurable high voltage output channels
  • 4 to 1000 W per channel, up to 1000 W total
  • Independent control and monitoring of each channel
  • Voltage and current meters for each channel
  • Constant current / Constant voltage auto-crossover
  • Pre-set before and during bias capability
  • PLC analog/digital remote operation capability


Accuracy of specifications in unlocked documents cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your AE representative to confirm specifications.

Model-Specific Downloads

HV Rack series data sheet       Japanese Version
HV Rack series data pack