Navigator® and Navigator® II Digital Matching Network

Photo of Navigator® digital matching networkView Demo The versatile Navigator® matching network's advanced technology provides rapid, accurate, and reliable matching across a wide range of power requirements up to 30 kW and frequencies up to 60 MHz. Equipped with microprocessor-controlled stepper motor drives and advanced  tuning algorithms, the Navigator matching network provides greater consistency and accuracy than traditional analog-based tuning methods. The result is optimized RF power to semiconductor, solar, FPD, and MEMs manufacturing plasma processes, including etch, PECVD, PVD, and chamber clean applications. An optional internal Z’Scan® II RF sensor provides real-time measurement and analysis of process power and impedance, enabling you to identify and significantly reduce process variability. In addition, optional Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software enables you to monitor and command the matching network through a user’s computer.

Benefits Features
  • Speeds tuning/matching response time
  • Tightens process control
  • Helps increase tool throughput and product yield
  • Improves reliability and cost of ownership
  • Digital architecture with enhanced tuning algorithms
    • Pulsed RF power delivery
    • Sweep frequency operation
    • Intermodulation distortion (IMD) immunity for multi-frequency applications
  • Real-time process power and impedance measurement