Sekidenko OR400M Optical Pyrometers

Photo of Sekidenko OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometer
Advanced Energy’s OR400M Optical Pyrometer extends the flexibility of the Sekidenko product family into the mid-IR wavelength range, from 3.3 µm – 5.2 µm.  The OR400M offers a single-channel temperature measurement capability for thin-film solar, glass, and advanced semiconductor processes. The OR400M supports RS-232 and analog data interfaces. Because of its compact design, the OR400M can be easily integrated to meet the unique requirements of many process applications.

  • 3.3 µm and 5.2 µm in-situ temperature measurement from near-IR to mid-IR wavelengths
  • 50°C to 1300°C (122°F to 2732°F) temperature range
  • Up to 250 Hz read rate
  • Single-channel configuration with selectable/fixed emissivity
  • Designed for solar thin-film and glass-based processes
  • High-speed, solid- state detectors
  • Configurable filter, detector, and optical delivery system
  • RS-232 communication