AE PV Heater

AE PV Heater
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible positioning of PV-modules
  • Monitoring available
  • Reliable

Solar Power for Warm Water

We have developed the PV Heater for everyone who wants to generate efficient heat in their house with photovoltaics. The PV Heater is a new approach in heating technology: It utilizes power from photovoltaic modules in order to heat up tap water with a heating rod in the home hot water tank.

The PV Heater can save up to 60% of heating energy for hot water generation, with an efficiency of 99%. That means nearly all energy that the photovoltaic modules provided to the PV Heater flows in the form of heat in the heating circuit of your house.

Clever use of sunlight with PV Thermal

Easy Installation

The PV Heater can be integrated into existing heating systems. The tank only requires a second flange. Elaborate heat exchangers and lines for transport media can be omitted.