Paramount® RF Power-Delivery Systems

Digitally controlled RF power supplies from 400 kHz to 60 MHz, and power from 1.5 to 8 kW, with frequency tuning, pulsing, and pulse synchronization
Paramount photo
With full digital control and dynamic response to plasma changes, the Paramount® platform keeps you at the leading edge of process innovation.
Benefits Feature
  • Enhanced plasma stability and process repeatability
  • Precise RF control
  • Fast response to plasma changes
  • Flexibility and adaptability for advancing manufacturing technologies
  • Full digital control
  • Pulsing and pulse synchronization
  • Frequency tuning
  • Real-time power and impedance measurement
  • Tightly regulated output power
  • Models ranging from 400 kHz to 60 MHz and 1.5 to 8 kW
  • Set points as low as 5 W
  • Arc management
  • Phase synchronization (CEX)