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Photomultiplier Power Supplies
PM10 Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

Photomultiplier Power Supply Modules

The Series PM10 is a range of versatile high voltage component photomultiplier modules equally suited to both laboratory and development work and for specification in OEM equipment. Powered from 24 V DC, these units allow full range control and monitoring of voltage and current via 0 to 10 V analog signals and an inhibit signal input. Postive or negative polarity models are available.

Model-Specific Downloads

PM10 series brochure
Typical Applications Features
  • Photomultipliers
  • Piezo crystal devices
  • Ultrasonic transducers
  • Gamma cameras
  • Electron beam deflection
  • Electrorheological fluids
  • Image scanners
  • Spectroscopy
  • Scintillation counters
  • Microchannel plates
  • Electrostatic lenses (SEMs, STMs)
  • General research
  • 10 W output power
  • V and I control
  • V and I monitor
  • Output inhibit
  • High stability
  • Positive or negative polarity models
  • Short circuit and flashover protected
  • RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU
  • CE marked
Voltage 24 VDC
Current (mA) 1A max.
Output and Ordering Info Model No Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Current Load Regulation Ripple pk-pk Output Stored Charge

PM10/102* 24 V 10V to 1 kV 10 mA
10 W 0.05% 10 mV <45 μC
  PM10/202* 24 V 10V to 2kV 5 mA 10 W 0.05% 10 mV <35 μC
  PM10/302* 24 V 10V to 3kV 3.3 mA 10 W 0.05% 15 mV <35 μC
  PM10/502* 24 V 50V to 5kV 2 mA 10 W 0.1% 20 mV <30 μC
Line regulation (VDC) Less than 0.001% change in output voltage over range 22 V to 26 V at rated output power
Voltage load regulation (VDC) Less than 0.001% change in output voltage for change in output current from zero to max output current at rated output voltage
Programming & Controls All Types
Voltage monitor 0 to 10 V ±2% or ±100 mV, whichever is greater, for 0 to rated output voltage
Current monitor 0 to 10 V ±2% or ±100 mV, whichever is greater, for 0 to rated output current
Output impedance 10 KΩ ± 1%
Stability Less than 50 ppm per hour at constant ambient temperature and rated output power after 1 hour warmup
Enable/disable Disable: 0 to 0.8 kV = off
Enable: 2.2 to 24 V = on
Open circuit = on

Temperature coefficient Less than 25 ppm/°C at max output power
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C at up to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage temperature -35°C to +70°C
Safety Meets the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive, 73/23/EEC, by complying with BS EN60950 when installed as a component part of compliant equipment.  Units are CE marked accordingly.
RoHS The Series PM10 meets the requirements of EU Directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
Thermal shock Mil-std 810, method 503-4, proc. II -40 to +65°C
Altitude Sea level to 2000 m (6500')
Reliability Mean time between failure (MTBF) is greater than 100,000 hours.  In accordance with MIL-HDBK-217F
Protection The PM10 is protected against continuous short circuit and flashover.


Accuracy of specifications in unlocked documents cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your AE representative to confirm specifications.