Pinnacle® Diamond

Photo of Pinnacle Diamond DC power system
In both process and bias applications, the Pinnacle® Diamond™ DC power supply provides the highest efficiency and power factor available, resulting in the lowest operating and installed cost in the industry. Remarkable Pinnacle process consistency and control deliver the additional benefits of significantly reduced variation and higher yields—all from one exceptionally compact unit.

Benefits Features
  • Proven Pinnacle performance and reliability 
  • Maximum process efficiency—lowest operating and installed cost 
  • Versatile—excellent in both process and bias applications 
    Fast, configurable arc response—low arc damage 
  • Numerous display/control options 
  • Precise process control
  • Safety/emissions compliant
  • Highest efficiency and power factor in the industry 
  • Compact—up to 15 kW in a 3-U, 1⁄2-rack package 
    Wide, single tap 
  • Profibus and RS-232 serial communications 
  • Target-conditioning cycle (TCC)—minimizes conditioning time for new targets 
  • Water-cooled 
  • 400 VAC input only 
  • Low stored energy—less than 6 mJ per 1 kW of output 
  • Output repeatability of ±0.1% at > 15% power 
  • Joule mode—optimized energy delivery 
  • Programmable limits for output level, strike voltage, and process voltage 
  • Non-volatile memory storage of settings 
  • CE marked