Photo of Pinnacle(R) Plus+ Pulsed-DC Power Supply Pinnacle® Plus+ Pulsed-DC Power Supplies

The Advanced Energy® (AE) Pinnacle® Plus+ power supply provides all of the advantages of a pulsed-DC solution for your reactive processes—in a one-box package that delivers additional benefits in the form of ease of use, cost savings, and superior flexibility. Combining standard DC technology and process-proven pulsed-DC technology patented by AE in the 1990s, the Pinnacle Plus+ power supply provides higher deposition rates, more repeatable performance, and exceptional film quality compared to complicated and expensive AC-power solutions. The Pinnacle Plus+ product line consists of single-output 5 kW and 10 kW models, as well as a dual output 5 kW model.

Benefits Features
  • Higher deposition and yield rates 
  • Superior film uniformity and quality 
  • Reduced substrate damage caused by arcing 
  • Lower cost 
  • Easy system integration 
  • Excellent process flexibility and latitude 
  • Repeatable performance 
  • Stable operation high on the transition curve 
  • Higher throughput 
  • Convenient monitoring and control 
  • Unmatched system flexibility
  • One compact package 
  • Adjustable frequency range of 5 to 350 kHz 
  • Variable duty cycle up to 45% 
  • Wide voltage range—single-tap wide impedance range 
  • High-power operation 
  • Low substrate heating 
  • Superior arc control  
  • Dual output for multi-chamber production