Litmas® RPS 1501 and 3001 Integrated Plasma Source and Power-Delivery System

Photo of Litmas RPS 1501 and 3001 remote plasma source platform
The Litmas® Remote Plasma Source (RPS) delivers high concentrations of reactive gas species to enable advanced process applications, such as thin-film deposition, wafer pre-clean, photoresist strip, and abatement. Its small footprint, high performance, ease of use, and low cost of ownership allow you to focus on developing critical plasma-based processes with lower device damage, higher throughput, and higher yields.
Benefits Features
  • Reduced charge damage to fragile device structures, enabling higher yields
  • Generates high reactive specie fluxes, delivering higher process rates
  • Broadens the range of process chemistries, enabling a wide
    range of applications
  • Provides fast matching, stable power delivery for precise
    process control
  • Comprises one small-footprint package, providing reduced CoO
  • Delivers reactive gas species to the process chamber
  • Provides the highest available plasma power density
  • Uses durable SiOor Al2O3 chamber materials
  • Uses patented LitmasMatch™ solid-state power-delivery
  • Integrates the power supply, match, and plasma chamber
    in one package