Quanta® Remote Plasma Source

Advanced Functionality for Expansion into New Applications

Combining VHF energy and CCP architecture, the Quanta® remote plasma source (RPS) enables sophisticated plasma generation and expansion into new thin-film processes not possible with traditional RPS or in-situ plasma generation.
Benefits Features
  • Expanded ignition and operating range
  • Customizable chemistry
  • Customized radical mix delivered to your process
  • New processes enabled not possible with other plasma sources
  • Proven VHF power-delivery technology
  • Real-time process parameter reporting: impedance, voltage, power
  • Factory-verified chamber matching
  • All Al2O3 ceramic internal construction
  • Small-footprint source body
  • Direct mount to main processing chamber
  • Output through standard flange
  • Rack-mount VHF generator
  • Integrated fixed or selectable matching circuit
  • Sweep frequency impedance matching
  • Integrated ignition circuitry
  • High-purity ceramics on all plasma-wetted surfaces
  • Pulsing capable