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MH100 Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

Versatile High-Voltage Power Supply Modules

The MH100 series is a range of versatile high-voltage modules suitable for specification in OEM equipment as component power supplies. Powered from 24 VDC, these units allow full range control and monitoring of voltage and current via 0 to 10 V analog signals. In addition, internal potentiometers are provided for voltage and current control.

Model-Specific Downloads

MH100 series brochure
Download CAD .sat File
Download CAD .stp File

Typical Applications Features
  • Wide angle, high definition CRTs
  • X-ray equipment
  • Insulation & materials testing
  • Electron & Ion beam acceleration
  • Projection
  • 100 W output power
  • High reliability
  • 24 VDC powered
  • Range of outputs available
  • Positive or negative polarity available
  • Short circuit and flashover protection
  • Remotely controllable
  • V and I control
  • V and I monitor
  • Low ripple
  • CE marked
Voltage +24 VDC (±2 VDC)
Current (mA) 6 A max
Output and Ordering Info Model  Output Voltage Output Current (Max) Output Power

MH100/502 5 kV 20 mA 100 W
  MH100/103 10 kV 10 mA 100 W
  MH100/253 25 kV 4 mA 100 W
  MH100/303 30 kV 3.3 mA 100 W
  MH100/403 40 kV 2.5 mA 100 W
  MH100/503 50 kV 2 mA 100 W
Voltage regulation (VDC) Line: < 0.01% for a 10% change in input voltage
Load: < 0.01% for 10% to full load
Ripple < 0.1% peak to peak
Current regulation Line: < 0.01% for a 10% change in input voltage
Load: < 0.1% for 10% to full load
Programming & Controls All Types
Monitors Voltage: 0 to 10 V ±1% for 0 to rated output voltage
Current: 0 to 10 V ±1% for 0 to rated output current
Each monitor has a series output resistor of 1 kΩ
Voltage control 0 to 10 V for 0 to rated output voltage, accuracy ±1% of rated voltage
Current control 0 to 10V for 0 to rated output voltage, accuracy ±1% of rated voltage
Control The power supply is operated via the 15-way, D-type connector situated on the rear panel.  Full control and monitoring functions are available by this method

Temperature coefficient 200 ppm per °C over operating temperature range.  
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
Storage temperature -20 to 6°C (-4 to 43°F)
Humidity 85% max relative humidity non-condensing
Safety The MH100 series meets the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), 2006/95/EC, by complying with BS EN61010 when it is installed as a component part of compliant equipment. It is CE marked accordingly.
RoHS The MH100 is currently built to non-RoHS standard. This unit can, however, be configured to meet the requirements of RoHS where significant customer demand requires it, although please note that this will have an impact on delivery timescales. 
Altitude Sea level to 2000 m (6500')
Protection The units are fully protected against flashover and continuous short circuit (no trip).
EMC The MH100 series is intended for installation as a component of a system. Basic EMC filtering is provided.
Cooling Free convection (no fan)
Installation category 1 (BS EN61010-1)
Pollution degree 2 (BS EN61010-1)

Available Cables:
Part Number    Description                 
33400206-00   MH100 1M HV Cable
33400206-01    MH100 3M HV Cable
33400206-02   MH100 5M HV Cable

Accuracy of specifications in unlocked documents cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your AE representative to confirm specifications.