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MPM Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

PCB-Mount, DC-to-DC Converters

The MPM series offers a unique range of low cost, general purpose high voltage DC-to-DC converters. All units are configured for direct PCB mounting and are intended to be “designed in” to equipment as a component.

The MPM series is suitable for ink jet printing, electrostatic precipitation, Geiger-Muller tubes, photomultiplier tubes, electron beam deflection and focusing, as well as various general purpose applications. 

These units’ unregulated output is proportional to the input voltage. Alternatively, customers can add their own external feedback control loops to provide regulated outputs. The converters are vacuum encapsulated in an ABS case to ensure maximum reliability and safety. Standard MPM models are three-pin devices that provide a common 0 V for input and output. All models are available with a range of input and output voltages, with either positive or negative output. 

MPM series units are fully encapsulated in silicone rubber to give reliable and consistent operation over wide environmental conditions. All units are fully ATE tested to ensure consistent performance.

Model-Specific Downloads

MPM series brochure
MPM series brochure   KOREAN
MPM series brochure   SIMPLIFIED CHINESE
MPM series 3D PDF  (For 3D viewing, please enable Adobe Viewer in your web browser)

Please click here for Safety Instructions for the Series MPM.
Typical Applications Features
  • Industrial ink jet printing
  • Electrostatic precipitation
  • Electron microscopes
  • Geiger-Muller tubes
  • Photomultiplier tubes
  • Electron beam deflection and focusing
  • Analytical instruments
  • Piezo actuators
  • Output power: 1.5 W, continuous
  • Output voltage: 100 V to 3 kV
  • Output isolation option 
  • Ripple: 0.05% peak to peak (screened versions)
  • Temperature coefficient: < 300 ppm/°C  
  • Stability: < 0.1% per hour after stabilization, over eight hour period
  •  PCB Mounting
  •   Small size
  •   Positive or negative polarity
  •   Output proportional to input
  •   No minimum load requirements
  •   Input polarity protected
  •   Open- and short-circuit protected
  •   EU RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU, CE marked (LVD)
Input voltage 12 V units 1.2 to 12 VDC for 10 to 100% output voltage
24 V units 2.4 to 24 VDC for 10 to 100% output voltage
Input current 12 V units typically 40 mA offload, 200 mA fully loaded
24 V units typically 25 mA offload, 110 mA fully loaded
Output voltage Units available with max output voltages from 100 V to 3 kV
Output power 1.5 W max continuous
Polarity Positive or negative to order
Load regulation Typically <10% (for a 0 to 1.5 W load change); max 20%
Line regulation Output is proportional to input over a 10 to 100% input range
Rpple 0.5% peak to peak
0.05% for screened case version
Stability <0.1% after stabalization and over an 8 hr period
MTBF >500,000 hr MTBF as per IEC62380:2004
Efficiency Better than 50% at 1.5 W load
Oscillator frequency 30 to 200 kHz depending on model
Options Screened case
Isolated unit

Interlocks and Limits
Limits Short circuit

 Temperature coefficient  <300 ppm/°C
 Operating temperature  -10 to +60°C
Storage temperature  -40 to +80°C
Humidity 80% max relative humidity up to 31°C, reducing linearly to 50% at 40°C
Altitude Sea level to 200 m


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