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HiTek Power® MSRL Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

Mass Spectrometry Power Supplies

The MSRL series has a latched output voltage polarity that can only be changed when the output voltage has been set to zero. These modules provide reliable operation even in short circuit or arc conditions. They can be set by internal potentiometer, external voltage, or external potentiometer.

The modular design of AE high voltage products for mass spectrometry enables an array of performance features and combinations. From simple options, such as cable length and connector type, to complete custom designs, we deliver solutions that precisely fulfill your specific requirements.

Model-Specific Downloads

MSRL series brochure
MSRL series brochure   JAPANESE
CAD .sat File
CAD .stp File
MSRL series 3D PDF  (For 3D viewing, please enable Adobe Viewer in your web browser)

  • Output power: 10 W
  • Output voltage: +10 V to +20 kV
  • Ripple: < 10 mV to < 200 mV
  • Temperature coefficient: 25 ppm per °C (Optional 10 ppm per °C available)
  • Stability: < 0.01% per hr, 0.05% in 8 hr after warm up
  • Reversible latching outputs
  • High reliability
  • Versatile control options
  • Screened case for low magnetic radiation
Output Power 10 W max
Output Voltage ±10 V to ±30 kV, depending on model
Output Current 1 A max, depending on model
Input Voltage +24 VDC ±10%
Input Current 1 A max, depending on model
Line Regulation < 10 ppm for a 1 V input voltage change
Load Regulation < 10 ppm for a 10 to 100% load change
Ripple < 10 to < 200 mV, depending on model
Voltage Control 0 to 10 V = 0 to 100%, accuracy ±2%
Can also be controlled by internal potentiometer (see connection details)
Current Control Fixed at approximately 110 to 130% of max
Voltage Monitor 0 to +10 V = 0 to 100%, accuracy ±2%
Current Monitor 0 to +10 V = 0 to 100%, accuracy ±2%
Polarity Control Low < 0.8 V = Positive
High > 2.5 V or open = Negative
Polarity Monitor Pin 11 negative polarity = Low
Pin 12 positive polarity = Low
Stability < 0.01% per hr, 0.05% in 8 hr (after 1 hr warm up)
Limits Units have limits for over-voltage, short circuit, and intermittent arcs to ground.
Reliability MTBF > 50,000 hr
Humidity 80% max relative humidity up to 31°C (88°F), reducing linearly to 50% at 40°C (104°F); non-condensing (ref EN61010-1)
Safety Meets the requirements of the low-voltage directive, 2006/95/EC by complying with BS EN61010-1:2010 when installed as a component part of compliant equipment. Units are CE-marked accordingly.
RoHS Meets the requirements of EU directive 2011/65/EC on the restriction of use of certain hazardous
substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS)
Construction A fabricated aluminium alloy case is used for good heat dissipation and screening.

Temperature Coefficient 25 ppm per °C at max output voltage (tested with external voltage control; 10 ppm available on request)
Cooling Convection-cooled
Operating Temperature  10 to 50°C (50 to 122°F)
Storage/Transport Temperature -20 to 85°C (-4 to 185°F)
Operational Altitude Sea level to 2000 m (6500′)
Storage/Transport Altitude Sea level to 18,000 m (59,055′)


Accuracy of specifications in unlocked documents cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your AE representative to confirm specifications.

This series is available in the following models.

Model Input
Current (Max)
MSRL-102 +24 VDC ±10 V to ±1 kV 10 mA 10 W
MSRL-252 +24 VDC ±10 V to ±2.5 kV 4 mA 10 W
MSRL-502 +24 VDC ±25 V to ±5 kV 2 mA 10 W
MSRL-103 +24 VDC ±50 V to ±10 kV 1 mA 10 W
MSRL-203 +24 VDC ±100 V to ±20 kV 0.4 mA 10 W
MSRL-303 +24 VDC ±150 V to ±30 kV 0.25 mA 10 W