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Single-Output High Voltage Modules

The Original UltraVolt Lines

0 to 62V through 0 to 40kV, 0 to 250W of Power
High Voltage Biasing Supplies
High Voltage Cap-Charging Supplies

A Series
AA Series
10A-25A Series
30A-40A Series
C Series
High Power C Series
High Power 8C-30C Series
High Power 40C-60C Series

Precision HV Power Supplies

0 to 15kV @ 4W, 15/20W and 30W
10PPM temperature coefficient
<10PPM ripple

E Series

Miniature High Voltage

0 to 100V through 0 to 6kV
Up to 6W of Power
Volumes from 0.08in³ to 2.97in³

XS Series
US Series
V Series
M Series
D Series
PXS Series
RS Series