Solar Cell

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Fulfill all of your power-delivery needs from a single global leader. AE’s comprehensive portfolio of solar cell manufacturing equipment is among the broadest in the industry, providing a virtually unprecedented array of options for your manufacturing operation. These products feature highly developed designs and technologies based on 36 years of innovating solutions that increase precision, prevent defects, and improve throughput. Through our established worldwide presence, we provide highly responsive service and support for every product we offer.

Both OEMs and end-users benefit from AE technologies for reducing cost and improving efficiency in crystalline and thin-film silicon photovoltaics, as well as advanced anti-reflective coating manufacturing. For decades, companies developing and manufacturing photovoltaics have chosen our products. Today, AE is a chief supplier to many photovoltaic manufacturing companies.

Benefits Features
  • Optimized PV efficiency with improved layer performance
  • Improved production value: increased efficiency, yield, and throughput
  • Customer-focused equipment supplier with broad technologies and vast product offerings
  • Premier global infrastructure with fast, effective product service and expert applications support
  • Highly developed product platforms based on 36 years of technological innovation
  • One of the most broad, complete power portfolios in the industry
  • Longstanding global presence, with well established support infrastructure
  • Numerous global service centers, with focused efforts in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Sophisticated arc-management technology

AE technologies have enabled precise plasma ignition, maintenance, and control since 1981. Our expertise in adjacent thin-film markets enables us to excel in the evolving PV market with high-functionality, high-precision products. 

Effective Solutions for Every Phase of Solar Cell Production

With a vast and diverse product portfolio, AE is a complete equipment and support solution for the varied power-delivery subsystems used in solar cell production. We offer high-value, high-performing products for today’s solar manufacturing systems, as well as products with enabling features for process optimization and innovation.

AE’s Vast, Diverse Product Portfolio for Solar Cell Manufacturing

Subsystem Category AE Product Features
Power supplies
Advanced power-delivery technology
Wide variety of frequencies, power levels, and functionality
Sophisticated arc management
Plasma sources Seamless integration
High level of functionality
Products for manufacturing and abatement
Optical pyrometers Unique insight into process parameters for advanced development of breakthrough processes