Sekidenko OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometers

Photo of Sekidenko OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometer
The Advanced Energy® OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometer (OFT) extends the flexibility of the OFT product family with a cost-competitive, non-contact solution for several high-volume semiconductor applications, including PECVD, LPCVD, PVD, and metal etch. Because of its compact design, the OR400T can be easily integrated to meet the unique requirements of many process applications.
Benefits Features
  • Improves temperature-measurement accuracy
  • Enhances wafer-to-wafer uniformity
  • Provides a cost-competitive alternative to thermocouple-based measurements
  • Increases productivity, yield, and throughput
  • Compact, single-channel design
  • In-situ, non-contact temperature measurement
  • Support of RS-232 and analog data interfaces at up to 20 temperature readings per second
  • Improved low-temperature performance