THYRO-A® H1 / H RL1 / H RLP1

Thyro-A SCR Power Controller

Safe, fast, economical, and communication-enabled, the Thyro-A unit delivers precise energy dosing at a high level of availability via the use of high-capacity digital technology. Adjustments can be made on the unit, facilitating handling and speed-up commissioning. Measurement, status, and set points can be processed via SPS or the process computer.

1, 2, or 3 phase
Up to 1,557 kVA
Up to 600 V
Up to 1,500 A

Key Features
Besides wear-free operations and high performance, the product series offers the following features:
  • Easy handling, little space
  • Rated voltages up to 600 V
  • Rated currents up to 1,500 A
  • 1, 2, and 3 phase versions (2 phase version for 3 phase load without deploying the neutral conductor)
  • Integrated semiconductor fuses
  • LED status indicators


Additional Features
  • Serial design system interface for connection to an optional bus module (PROFIBUS DPV1, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFINET, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP) for the processing of set points and actual values as well as for status reports
  • Interface option for connection to PC software Thyro-Tool Family
  • Secure separation of control and power units
  • High resistance against short-circuit currents and blocking voltage accommodated by the power semiconductors
  • For ohmic load as well as inductive mixed load
  • Suitable for transformer-type load due to an integrated soft-start, phase-angle firing of the first half-wave and channel separation
  • Optimized load control due to the implementation of up to 5 control types and 3 operating modes
  • Analog set point between 0...20 mA; 0...10 V
  • Control characteristic is adjustable within the interval
  • At the dual point controller: Off = 0...3 V ON = 3...24 V
  • Network voltages of up to 0.43 x Unom
  • Frequency range 47 Hz to 63 Hz
  • Internal mains load optimization in the operating modes TAKT and QTM
  • Optional external network load optimization (Thyro-Power Manager)