Thyro-S Thyristor Switch

As a connection-ready thyristor switch with secure operational behavior and load monitoring, the Thyro-S (SCR) power controller switches electric loads, for example, current, voltage, or power. It can be connected to bus systems, used instand-alone operation, or used in combination with all established 2-point process controllers, PLCs, or computer systems. With simple mounting, quick commissioning, and easy operation, the Thyro-S series can be integrated easly into a wide range of applications.

Key Features
In addition to durability and high efficiency, other features include:
  • Simple handling and small space requirements
  • Rated voltages 230 V, 400 V, 500 V
  • Rated currents 16 to 280 A
  • Integrated semiconductor fuse
  • Standard system interface for connection to an optional bus module (e.g. for PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET)
  • LED status display
  • Operating modes 1:1, as well as 1:2, 1:3, 1:5 (e.g. for commissioning)
  • Logical signal control of 24 V (> 3 V) or standard system interface
  • Secure isolation between control and power sections
  • 3 phase design by connecting two Thyro-S units
  • Isolation between control and power sections
  • DIN rail mounting for 16 A, 30 A, 45 A, 60 A units
  • UL approval of UL 508 A (100,000 A S.C.C.R.)
  • Quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001
  • CE-compliant
Additional for H RL1 type
  • External electronic power supply 24 V AC/DC
  • Load monitoring
  • Alarm relay