Thyro-Touch Display for Thyro-PX SCR power controllerFor Thyro-P and Thyro-PX

The Thyro-Touch unit simplifies operation of all Thyro-P® and Thyro-PX™ SCR power controllers and delivers comprehensive analysis of measured data.  Ongoing data can be displayed as line or bar charts, actual values, or data logger.

Key Features
In addition to simplifying the handling of SCR power controller, the Thyro-Touch also offers a quick overview of device status. Ongoing data can also be displayed as line or bar charts. The EasyStart feature simplifies the setting of the Thyro-PX or Thyro-P configuration.
  • Large 2.8” touch display for menu-driven operation
  • Integrated SD card to load or save data
  • Long-term data recording of up to six process parameters, as well as status messages
  • Analysis via Thyro-Touch tool (on PC)
  • EasyStart feature for fast commissioning
  • Cabinet doors assembly via SEK assembly kit
  • English, German, and additional languages upon request


LBA The mounting kit (SEK) is an optional accessory for the mounting of user interfaces Thyro-Touch into a cabinet.