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AUX Series

Triple Output High Voltage Power Supply

The AUX Series accessory provides second and third adjustable positive HV outputs in addition to the adjustable main positive high-voltage power supply output. The AUX outputs are set for a specific voltage range at the factory. One output is referred to as the Focus, one as the Grid. The AUX is achieved by adding a daughter board inside the 10A-35A high-voltage power supply.

This AUX board is encapsulated with the main high-voltage power supply in a special taller enclosure to accommodate the height of the adjust pots. Typical applications are: CRT Raster Display, X-Y CRT Display, and E Beam Bias.

Model-Specific Downloads

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  • Adds Focus and Grid outputs
  • Encapsulated within 10A-35A Series
  • Adjustable regulated outputs
  • Creates a 6.5 in³ triple output supply
  • Fixed-frequency, low-stored-energy design
  • High power density
  • Indefinite output short-circuit protection
  • UL/cUL Recognized Component; CE Mark (LVD & RoHS)

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