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XS Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

Extra-Small High Voltage Biasing Supply

Single-output micro-sized HV modules
The XS series of extra-small high voltage power supplies is the smallest regulated DC-to-DC high voltage power supply for applications that require a bias voltage ranging from 0 to 100 V. Measuring only 1.3 cc (0.08 in3 ), these modules are ideal for use in size-critical applications.

Model-Specific Downloads

XS series brochure    
XS series brochure     JAPANESE
XS series brochure     KOREAN
XS series brochure     SIMPLIFIED CHINESE
XS series data packet
Interfacing with the UltraVolt XS series of micro-sized high voltage power supplies
Typical Applications Features
  • Small, lightweight, portable devices
  • Thin-film bias
  • Avalanche photo diodes (APD)
  • Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM)
  • Multi-pixel photon counters (MPPC)
  • Ultrasonic transducers
  • Small PZT drivers
  • ATE leakage testing
  • Bias supplies
  • Extra-small size: 1.3 cc
  • Lightweight: 5 g
  • PCB flat mounting: 11 mm height
  • Output from 0 to 100 V
  • 100 mW output power
  • Low ripple (< 50 mV peak to peak)
  • Tight line/load regulation < ±0.0 1%
  • Low temperature coefficient < ±50 ppm per °C
  • Programmable HV output ±2.0% F.S.
  • Output current limit protection
  • 5 or 9 VDC Input
  • Metal case for low radiated noise
Input voltage VIN (pins 1 & 2) 5 VDC ±0.5 (recommended)
12 VDC max (reverse: -0.2 V)
Input current For 0 V output voltage: <1.6 mA
For 100 V, no load: <3 mA
At full output voltage, full load: <50 mA
HV output VOUT (pin 4) 0 to 100 VDC programmable
Output Power 0 to 100 mW
Polarity  Fixed positive or negative
HV setting (pin 3) Via external voltage source 0/2.5 V
Accuracy: ±2% at full scale
Max output current IOUT 1 mA nominal
Load voltage regulation  ±0.01% of full output voltage for no load to full load
Line voltage regulation  ±0.01% of full output voltage over specified input voltage range
Residual ripple  <50 mV peak to peak
Ripple can be reduced to <10 mV by adding an external 100 nF small CMS capacitor
Output HV monitoring  Not available
Output reference voltage  Not available
HV power ON/OFF  Not available
Shielding  Ground return is to metal enclosure

Interlocks and Limits
Output current Internally limited
Soft start Low overshoot

 Temperature coefficient  <50 ppm/°C
 Operating temperature  -10 to +65°C, full load, max Eout, case temp
Storage temperature  -10 to +70°C


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