THYRO-POWER MANAGER For Mains Load Optimization

The Thyro-Power Manager (TPM) is an add-on unit for static network load optimization to be used with multiple power controller configurations (up to 10 power controllers) in fullwave switch (TAKT) operating mode. In addition, the Thyro-Power Manager monitors mains load peaks, measures and controls data and serves as an I/O module. Owing to its wide range of applications, the Thyro-Power Manager meets not only today’s technological requirements but also those of future applications, the main challenge is to reduce installation and operating costs, which are a direct result of lower peak loads and less harmonic distortion.

Key Features Additional Features
  • Static mains load optimization (automatic / manual)
  • 10 isolated connections for thyristor power controllers
  • Power supply 110 V/230 V; 50/60 Hz
  • Easy to operate (switch and potentiometer)
  • Configuration possibilities via PC program
  • Error and alarm output
  • RS-232 PC connection
  • Replacement for three ZME modules
  • Replacement for SYT9 module
  • Unit protection via integrated fuse
  • Easy to install via rail mounting
  • Monitoring of current value/mains load peaks
  • Measuring of output/energy levels
  • Measuring of mains voltage and temperature
  • Integrated operating hours meter

Operating Modes
Automatic operating mode:
The clock cycle duration T0 (1s) is automatically spread out evenly between the various power controllers/groups connected. Thus uneven power distribution is avoided and the entire time domain utilized.

Manual operating mode:
The clock cycle duration T0 (1s) can be spread out manually between the various power controllers/groups connected. This is useful when some power controllers/groups work with high set points or long turn-on time Ts and other power controllers/groups work with low set points or short turn-on time Ts.